Sallie has been writing for as long as she can remember.

Growing up, she was often happiest scribbling stories, writing poems, or reading novels and magazines. In second grade, she was awarded the writing prize at her elementary school, marking her first official milestone in the literary field.

Years later, on the East coast, writing became more than just a pipe dream. While studying for her Master's at Johns Hopkins University, Sallie found her calling in the community of letters.

Today, Sallie is a contributing writer for numerous regional and national publications. In both print and digital media, she pens about her passions and varied interests through personal essays, profiles, and features.

She strives to write thoughtful, eloquent stories that educate and enlighten, intrigue and inspire.

Talking Points

She was named after her great-great-grandmother / Intimate dinner parties are her favorite gatherings / She starts her day with English Breakfast tea / She loves rainy weekends / Holly Golightly is her favorite fictional character / She calms her "mean reds" by watching Ms. Golightly on screen / She has a propensity to throw her head back when she laughs / Fresh-cut flowers fix most of her problems / Her writing playlist is comprised of classical Hollywood film scores / She's drawn to the graceful suppleness of decorative lettering and calligraphy / She hopes one day she will grow a green thumb / She loves marbled paper / She finds hope in a clean page & a freshly-filled writing pen / She wears a charm necklace every day / Her coffee table collections range from the African Maasai to Sicilian Palaces and Mexican Fine Art / Hexagons & other natural structures intrigue her / She has contemplated a PhD / She has visited more than 30 countries / Her favorite kind of fiction is historical / She's at work on her first novel
What She Writes

Sallie's stories encompass a diversity of topics and tones. Whether it's a historical dissertation on The Arlington National Cemetery or a stylish profile on Parisian shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, her work is the result of a bottomless curiosity that stretches across many mediums.

Copywriting Services:

Sallie is available for hire for both editorial and brand copy. She has worked with companies on content strategy and creation, carefully executing a clear, concise content package that communicates a company's vision with impact.

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